Tumor in the Femur

Because it's fun to say and we need to say fun things.


Irene Veldstra

Atticus' Surgery is coming up very quickly! We have a lot of scans and tests and follow ups this coming week, so it's going to be a busy one! It has been nice this past week to chill at home, the home health nurse came by to do draws instead of going back to the hospital twice. It's almost been like a mini stay-cation. I got to hang with the girls more and Angelena had her Olympiad, so I enjoyed seeing her take part in that, as I've missed so many school things the last few years while I was working long evenings and weekends. 


As we work up to the surgery date, I wanted to make another list for you all, as we are asked what people can do for us! 

  • Smoothie Patrol for Anneka and I
  • Extra care and loves for Angelena
  • Meals, you can sign up or if you aren't a sign up type person, just bring it by. 
  • Food gift cards: Panera, Subway, Panda Express, Grub Hub delivery. Atticus seems to have the weirdest cravings at all random times and I'm never quite prepared for it! I don't know what the situation at OHSU will be like or if he will have an appetite for awhile. Or, maybe he will be hungry again!          
  • Massage for Anneka                                                                            

 Magical Fairies have curated a perfect team for me as well. These are the people who are showing up behind the scenes, and all amazingly gifted in their own ways. More on that later, but if I refer you to one of the team mates, it is because they have more energy and resources than I do at this time.