Tumor in the Femur

Because it's fun to say and we need to say fun things.


Irene Veldstra

We are really grateful for all of the amazing programs to help kids get through cancer with as much "happiness" as possible. 

One of those programs is Children's Cancer Association, they prescribe joy! Through them, Atticus has a ChemoPal, they enjoy playing games together, help with tech, and general hanging out on Atticus' admission day. 

This past Sunday though, we were invited to CCA's suite at the Moda Center for a Blazer's game! We felt so spoiled, great food and wonderful view! We all got to join as a family, and Atticus got to bring his friend Logan for the fun evening. 

Best view and safe for immune deficient cancer patients! 

Best view and safe for immune deficient cancer patients! 

Blaze the Trail Cat came to visit our suite to say hi! Atticus was pretty excited about that. 


Happy boys after the game! RIPCity! 


Just one of the many perks of having cancer (haha). Atticus also said one of the perks of cancer is not having to do his 8th grade project and make a speech. We almost convinced him (well, not really, but I almost did his art project for him) but since the surgery changed dates, he is back in the hospital for chemo this week. 

And, any readers from Vancouver, Washington or Oregon... do you love Chipotle? We do! April 13 CCA is having a Chipotle fundraiser, so go into Chipotle, show them this page from your phone and order all of the burritos and bowls, because 50% of your purchase will go to Children's Cancer Association. Such a great non-profit to give to... help them prescribe joy to our kids who are really struggling. You all are great. 

50% you guys. FIFTY. Order the guac. It's extra. 

50% you guys. FIFTY. Order the guac. It's extra.