Tumor in the Femur

Because it's fun to say and we need to say fun things.


Irene Veldstra
  • We are home again
  • A more "fun" trip to the hospital
  • Pictures! 

It's hard to say that a trip to the hospital can be fun, because it's really not, and we still come home exhausted. However, this last trip with the fever wasn't as terrible as last time, as there was no surgery or chemo. Also, it's a much different place on the weekdays than on weekends! 

Wednesday we had a few plans, some visitors were going to come over, I was going to go out to dinner with a couple of girl friends. It all changed quickly, as it will with a chemo patient, when the fever hit. 

We had to cancel our friends visits, but I told other friends where we were now. One friend and her boys came to visit Atticus while my friends took me out to dinner. Wendy knows all the cool places nearby since she works at the hospital, and she suggested The People's Pig. Tiny little place I never noticed on Williams... but so, so good! You gotta try it. 


Before I left, a gentleman in a Mario hat came by our room and said there is Mario Cart in the theater at 6:30. Perfect timing for the boys to come visit, so after Atticus ate his fancy hospital meal of fresh salmon, they went upstairs to play Mario Cart. 


Thursday was pretty chill, my parents came to visit and I went with my dad to go get a loaner car from the Saab place as we didn't know how long my car would be in the shop, and they didn't want to leave me without transportation. 

When my mom was sitting with Atticus, volunteers came through with hand painted canvases a local artist paints for people in the hospital. Atticus got to choose one, and he chose this beautiful dog picture by a Portland artist, Donald E Brown, with a get well card.  Go check out his works, buy something from him, tell him thank you for thinking of the kids at Randall! #artheals 


The Ronald McDonald House cart came by with treats and other things. Another volunteer came by from Child Life and she found him an x-box set up. Speaking of which, if anyone has teen friendly x-box games he can borrow, he might appreciate that during his stays. We also got a menu of movies so we tried to pick out some funny ones to watch together. 

 We had another cool nurse (well, I haven't met any un-cool ones yet!) named Joshua, and he really connected with Atticus. He was funny and sweet and told Atticus about a summer camp they are a part of during the summer for kids with cancer, so Joshua spent time telling Atticus about that, and convincing him he wants to go. He also made Atticus his very popular milkshake, because we are now trying to fatten him up. 

On one of my walks - it reminded me of a cool steampunk white blood cell. 

On one of my walks - it reminded me of a cool steampunk white blood cell. 


By Friday, his labs looked good, the doctor came in and said everything was looking good to go by noon! So we packed up (how does one bag coming in add up to so many things to carry out!) and we got to go home to the family. It was my parent's last evening, my mom made another delicious meal and we said our goodbyes. It was so great to have them here with us during this rough first couple of weeks, and helping with the girls and food and car... Thanks, Mom and Dad!