Tumor in the Femur

Because it's fun to say and we need to say fun things.

We don't know.

Irene Veldstra

We don't know when the biopsy will be.

We don't know when his PET scans are. 

We don't know when his next MRI is. 

We don't know when all of the results from those will be in. 

And so we wait. Waiting is hard, and harder still when I know everyone wants to know what's happening and what the word is and what happens next, and there are questions pouring in. As our oncologist said many times, one step at a time. We wait for the phone call from OHSU to tell us when to come in for the biopsy. We wait for the other phone calls to tell us when to come in for the other scans. We wait for the results. 

Many of you know I don't use my phone for talking into it, like, what phones were invented for. And I don't usually have the sound on... but now, here I am, keeping my sound on, and answering my phone even if the caller ID isn't from my children. It's all very strange, but look, huge steps for me! Phone calls from doctors checking in and changing pain meds, going to the pharmacist to pick up meds, waiting for other phone calls that I want to be sure I need to answer. 

Please stand by.jpg


So, for the last couple of days, Atticus and I have been binge watching The Office while I took down holiday decorations and put them away. I started the process of rearranging the living room so it's more comfortable and safe for Atticus to get around on his crutches. He is sleeping and resting on the couch as he can't make it up to his bunk bed, and I'm trying to figure out how to best make dressing, getting around, laundry a little easier on us for now. 

Many of you, either in Portland or long distance have asked how you can tangibly help, so please be sure to check out the links, as there are many different ways to help, and then I added the sidebar as well. 

And so we wait.