Tumor in the Femur

Because it's fun to say and we need to say fun things.

valentines day

I Wrote You a Valentine Poem

Irene Veldstra




Neutropenic Fever

A week back home

Hair falling out

Time to shave the dome



Feeding Atticus on a 2 hour schedule

Setting my timers is a weird thing to do

He has always made his own food before

But gotta get that fat to stick like glue



Visiting the class

At Gammans park one day

The sun was shining

As we watched friends play



Wearing a yellow ribbon

A friend shows support

Presenting handmade gifts

The Love, they did not thwart



Friends in abundance

Brothers Peter and Ted

Took Atticus to the park

Until he was ready for bed


Friday morning, bright and early

To the hospital we arrived

Port access was a struggle

The day took a nosedive


Another late start, with all the rules

Chemo started 11:30pm

We slept through it all

Nurses - amazing - so grateful for them


Methotrexate this go

Not quite as rough on the belly

Gravity and urine, I just don’t know

We wait; Olympics on the telly


Emotional days, the clown was silly

Atticus always polite

Gave him some laughs

Much to Clem’s delight



Atticus is homesick

It’s been a long week

I see the girls as much as I can

A balance, working on technique



Waiting, waiting for those levels to go down

One more day, no just one more

We might go crazy

This is such a bore



Wendy the Fabulous

Works here in transport

Got me lunch and coffee and cake

She’s a stupendous consort

Free flowers at the door

By The Bloom Project

They reuse flowers!

Voluminous respect



My rainbow shoes

Brought me some cheer

Friend brought dinner,

Healing gifts, we hold dear


Tomorrow they say

We might get to leave

Valentines Day!

And a two night reprieve


Everything Sucks! is a Netflix show

Anneka’s proud! Watch, you will see

“Everything Sucks” is also our cry

We know it doesn’t… but... O.M.G…